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sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013


Fui desafiada para este desafio: postar, a cada dia de AGOSTO uma foto que siga certos tópicos.
Vamos lá ver se consigo cumprir até ao fim.
Mais alguém se habilita?
What do the prompts mean?
There are no rules when playing along with photo a day, you can be creative as you like! Interpret the prompt as you please. For those that need a little help, some more suggested details about each prompt are below:
1. Something beginning with N: Find something that begins with the letter N, snap it and share it.
2. Incomplete: Incomplete, unfinished… is it a meal, a craft or something else?
3. Skyline: Show us where you are today by sharing your skyline.
4. Fresh: Take a photo of something fresh – it could be flowers, food, the weather, someone’s style… anything.
5. Early: Take a photo of something that represents early to you. It could be the time of morning, being early for work or an appointment or something I haven’t thought of!
6. This means a lot to me!: What’s something special in your life that has a lot of meaning?
7. A sign: We come across signs throughout our day, which will you pick to share?
8. Peek-a-boo: This can be a bit like a bit of a mystery photo, show us just a hint of something. Or perhaps something hiding.
9. 2 o’clock: Whatever you’re doing at 2 o’clock, take a photo, snap it and share it.
10. Beverage: Pour a glass of something nice, and share it.
11. I love doing this!: What do you love to do? Take a photo of it.
12. Macro: This is our photography technique prompt. I’ll write a post soon with examples, but it means an extreme close-up.
13. Fast: Can you show speed in a photo? Try it today.
14. Trash: One man’s trash is another person’s art. Take a photo.
15. The best: This can be interpreted anyway you like, what do you see today that is ‘the best’?
16. Cooking: Whether you’re the one doing the cooking, or someone else – take a photo.
17. Exercise: It could be physical exercise or otherwise, but take a photo of what you consider to be exercise.
18. Someone you spoke to today: Who have you chatted to today? How can you creatively share them in a photo?
19. Lost: Have you stumbled across something today that’s lost? Or do you have an idea of how to portray lost?
20. Stairs: Stairs! Self-explanatory really.
21. Slow: We’ve explored fast, now let’s turn it down a little and explore sloooooow.
22. A room: It could be a favourite room in your home, an office space, a shop or otherwise.
23. Yellow: This is our charity prompt. Find something yellow and snap it.
24. In the background: Get creative and shoot something in the background, rather than the foreground.
25. Culture: I can’t wait to see the photos for this one. Not sure what it means? Here’s a few definitions.
26. Entrance: Find an entry to somewhere. Anywhere.
27. 10 minutes from home: What a great excuse to explore. Take a walk or a drive and see what’s right near where you live.
28. Corridor: Show off a hallway or corridor. It’s a great way to explore perspective {which we learnt about in July}.
29. Lucky: It could be a lucky charm, or a reason you feel lucky.
30. Cluttered: Is there a space in your home/work/life that feels a bit cluttered? Now is the time to show it off. Be creative!
31. Dangerous: This could get a little scary! Let’s see your dangerous!

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Raquel disse...

Boa! Fico contente! Vais ver que é giro! NO mês passado n fiz, mas este estou a conseguir e engraçado!

João Roque disse...

É uma trabalheira, mas para já conseguiste recuperar a data...